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Haunted Hotel The XHaunted Hotel The X

Save your sister from the haunted ruins of the Lexington hotel in this thrilling and scary escape game. Nothing says old school like the early 70's, and this period horror game takes you to a world before smartphones and internet -when investigation meant more than a search query and people actually had to do stuff manually. It also means that once you venture inside the now forgotten ruins of a hotel, you are completely on your own. There is no turning back though, as you have already received a taped recording from your sister stating that she intends to go the Lexington in order to fully investigate the truth behind the horrific tragedy that befell it. And from the looks of it, saving your sister is going to put you on that very same (and very dangerous) path. The only question is, will you be able to find her and manage to escape the horrors of the Lexington?

As with other games in the Haunted Hotel series, the X is exceptionally well done. The visuals are top notch and create a truly horror-filled mood with its impressive use of minimal animation. Even better is the voice acting which adds more life to the already gripping story.

Redemption Cemetery: The Island of the LostRedemption Cemetery:  The Island of the Lost

An unexpected crash landing ends with you waking up on a strange island that is filled with unearthly beings -spirits of people across various times whose souls are trapped in the island. Escaping from a room or a building is one thing, but getting out of an entire haunted island is a completely different kind of horror. It is up to you, the player, to seek out the island's secrets, resolve the past of the spirits to let them have closure, and hopefully find a way out for yourself as well. It is a wonderfully haunting game that focuses less on scare and more on making you think about the importance of life and how sudden death can be. It's a pretty heavy message for what is on the surface a very casual title -in many ways, you may escape from the island, but you will forver carry the experience with you.

Visuals are the game's strong selling point, with many of the HOG and minigames presented in amazing detail and clarity. While the narrative delivery is not as impressive as the Haunted Hotel series, Redemption Cemetery has its own unique charms.

Haunted Hotel Death Sentence CEHaunted Hotel Death Sentence CE

There is a mysterious island with a strange structure on it, and it is up to you to solve its mysteries. Tracking down an old friend who seems to be in mortal danger, you brave the dangerous seas in order to reach the island. However, it seems that the true danger, and the real danger, begins here in the suspiciously named Holy Mountain Hotel. The whole game is one mind-bending trip as you venture into a hotel that seems to defy the very laws of physics itself. Even worse, you just know that you are not alone -malevolent spirits and entities seem to make their presence felt, and this heavy atmosphere stalks the player throughout the game, from beginning to end. Can you escape from the Holy Mountain Hotel before it consumes you?

If you are a long time fan of escape games with a horror twist, then this one is a game you cannot miss. The story may be simple, but the final reveal is worth it. Also, the gameplay is very refined and fun to play, there are a lot of cleverly hidden items as well as minigames that are designed to keep you on your toes.

Tales of Terror: House on the HillTales of Terror: House on the Hill

What initially starts out as a fun novelty tour turns into a grim mystery as the so-called haunted house that you visit turns out to be really haunted by angry spirits. In House on the Hill, players embark on a silly little tour with their sister -expecting that the destination, a "haunted hotel" is actually just a rigged fabrication from the tour organizers. But the moment you and the rest of the group enter the doors, strange things happen and you find yourself immediately separated from everyone else, including your sister. Now you must avoid the dangers of the house while solving puzzles in order to survive long enough to find your sister and stage an escape.

The general premise of House on the Hill is wonderful since it brings back a sense of mystery and danger to the modern world. It is not that far off that many so called haunted locations are nothing more than tourist traps designed to draw crowds and generate income for the organizers. And the possibility that some of them might actually be real escape game of life or death is both a frightening yet exciting thing.

Cube: Escape The MillCube: Escape The Mill

The Mill is part of the extensive Cube: Escape series of escape games. This surreal world of tragedies, lost souls, and forgotten memories leaves little room for logical explanation, other than the fact that once you start playing these games, regardless of their plot, you will find it hard to put down.

The Mill specifically focuses on the character of the Old Man, revealed in later games to be known as Mr. Crow (as he really has a crow head, and the human face he has is nothing but a disguise). The mill, where the game is located, is the exact same mill that appears in the maps seen in other Cube games. The main point of the game, aside from leaving the mill, is being able to gain the memories of a young woman and bring these to a unique location known as The Rusty Lake.

PurgatoriumPurgatorium Game

From Ben Leffler, the creator of the Exmortis series, comes this quick new horror-trip that is bound to send scary escape game fans to the edge of their seats. Despite being a simple flash title, Purgatorium is packed to the brim with content, and it will certainly freak you out if you are not used to the kind of horror that this developer dishes out. It is a very short game so we won't spoil the ending for you, just know that this closed up room that the game is held in holds a lot more secrets than just the dead, your character is also a living secret whose real tragedy is only shown at the very end of the game. Believe us when we say that even if this is just a Flash game, it is still not for the faint of heart.