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Haunted Hotel: The XHaunted Hotel: The X

It is 1979, your sister has decided to go off on her own to investigate the infamous Lexington Hotel -rumored to be haunted by ghosts after a grisly murder involving all the tenants and the owner. You learn about her trip too late, it has been a couple of days since she has left and you decide to track her down to the hotel and get her out. This is the premise of Haunted Hotel: The X. The developers at Elephant Games have been busy, churning out one Haunted Hotel game after another. And each one is a well made game, The X is no exception, if anything, it even outshines the other games in the series.

Haunted Hotel Eternity CE Haunted Hotel Eternity CE

When your client gets taken by a masked man, you have to rescue him -even if that means going inside what appears to be a derelict and abandoned hotel (that is also, without a doubt, a very obvious deathtrap). Find your client, learn the truth about a secret project, and escape the hotel alive; this is the core plot of Haunted Hotel: Eternity. Like the other games in the series, Eternity has an impressive visual presentation. From the cutscenes to the game itself, every single moment of the game is tinged with danger and adventure. Thematically, this has to be the least Hotel-esque of the games, but that hardly matters since Eternity is every bit as fun and entertaining as every other game in the series.

Haunted Hotel Death Sentence CE Haunted Hotel Death Sentence CE

If you love Elephant Game's Haunted Hotel series of games, then you probably already know what to expect: you play a character who gets involved with another character who eventually ends up on some grisly looking place that is coincidentally, a haunted hotel. In this event, players take on the role of an investigator. They have to find out what happened to James, a co-worker, in the mysterious Holy Mountain Hotel. While the narrative is certainly formulaic it still works, and none of the mystery even feels lost -because just like any other game in the series, Death Sentence is also an amazing escape game experience.