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Haunted Hotel: The XHaunted Hotel: The X

Set in the early 1970's, Haunted Hotel: The X puts players in the shoes of an investigator looking for his sister. Her last known whereabouts is the now-abandoned Lexington Hotel, and it is up to the players to explore the derelict locale, save their sister, and get out alive. In keeping with the theme, the Hotel is without a doubt haunted –and many signs point to an a macabre event in the hotel's past that involves multiple homicides that saw the death of many of the hotel's inhabitants as well as the owner of the hotel too. Armed with a trusty video camera and their wits, players venture into the hotel in order to learn of its secrets.

The game is presented in the Haunted Hotel's iconic visuals that make use of great imagery, fine details, and some of the best use of color in the hidden object game genre. Combined with a sparse (yet clever) bits of animation, great voice acting and a soundtrack that keep players feeling the mood, HH: The X is an instant recommendation for any horror fan.

Haunted Hotel Eternity CE Haunted Hotel Eternity CE

The real story of Eternity occurs many years before the start of the game itself, and it is this past that players must uncover in order to finish this amazing horror themed escape game. Haunted Hotel: Eternity has players take on the role of a detective who has been hired in order to provide muscle detail in some rich guy's public speech. Of course, all is not it seems, and the player's wealthy client is attacked by a sniper. After a harrowing escape, you are all led to the mysterious (and also abandoned) Eternity Hotel. There you learn of the your client's involvement in the Eternity project and the dark secrets that it holds.

Redemption Cemetery: Island of the LostRedemption Cemetery: The Island of the Lost

In Island of the Lost, end up in a strange island after their plane crashes. As it turns out the island is full of lost souls. The whole point of the game is for the player to find a way out of the island, and as it so happens they will need to seek out those lost souls and help them in order for them to be able to move on. To do this players will have to dig into the soul's past in order to solve the mysteries of their deaths or circumstances. Unlike other ghost games where running away from the ghosts is the main point, this one will have you seeking them out. It is a pretty haunting and chilling experience by itself, as the encounters with the ghosts are not what is fearful or scary, but learning how these various people died is certainly way up on the fright-meter.

Ghostscape 3D Ghostscape 3D

Ghostscape 3D is a simple, yet effectively scary point and click escape game. Narrative-wise, it is as simple as it gets: you are trapped in a haunted house and you need to get out of there. In order to do so, players must carefully observe their environment, look for various items and collectibles to use in their aid, and of course, solve the puzzles that block your way from getting out. It is a haunted house after all so expect to find some rather scary and even gruesome scenes, and of course, there are some jumpscares as well.

Haunted Hotel Death Sentence CE Haunted Hotel Death Sentence CE

When your friend sends a strange and bizarre note from an uncharted island from some really creepy hotel, it takes a lot of guts and determination to actually go there and seek out your friend. But such is the storyline for Haunted Hotel: Death Sentence. In this game, players must follow in the footsteps of their friend who, according to an ominous letter, may already be dead. This creates a giant mystery that forms the backbone of the game's plot. But questions do not answers themselves and it is up to the player to find out the truth, get there in time to save their friend, and hopefully, find a way to make it out of there alive.

Tales of Terror: House on the Hill Tale of Terror: House on the Hill

What initially starts out as some interesting sightseeing tour with a bit of a horror twist comes to a bizarre stop when the haunted house itself starts behaving weirdly. In this game, players take on the role of a person in such a tale. Taking on the tour with their sister, they curiously enter the haunted house along with the other travelers. According to the lore of the tour operator, the mansion magically appeared out of nowhere, suddenly occupying a space that was once empty. Of course, almost everyone thinks that is a fabrication of the tour company meant to drive up sales, but it does not take long before the house starts making people disappear –including your sister. Now players must figure out a way to not only save their sister, but also get out of the haunted house alive and in one piece.